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We are a small business just like you!


We know the struggles of setting up your own business from scratch while keeping up with life in general at the same time, and we are strong believers that doing so shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg - so we provide tailored Graphic Design and Print services at very affordable prices to help you set up your dream!


It's all good to find a designer but then you have the hassle of finding someone to print the designs, finding someone to print your business cards, then another supplier for your bags and tags, comparing prices...it's just all so time consuming...and because we've been through that so many times, we decided we should offer these services to our clients. We have a range of trusty, high quality suppliers that we have been working with through the years, in the UK and abroad, so whatever it is that we design for you we can also get it printed at a good price. 


Your business is you, your logo, your ads, your packaging, your business cards, your stickers…brand coherency is key to set a strong position in such a competitive market, and we are here to help you do just that!


We understand the demands of running a business and how diving into a branding project can seem like a challenge, but our aim is to make this whole process as easy for you as possible! 


Let's get creative and make something beautiful together!



I’m Monica, the face behind Print Tailors. I started this little business in 2015 alongside my part-time job as a Finance Manager. It’s been a crazy journey, full of ups and downs, but earlier this year I was finally able to leave my part-time job to focus fully on Print Tailors 💃🏻

I was born in London but lived in Madeira - Portugal for 15 years. Moved back to London in 2012 to finish my BA in Graphic Design and now love living in the heart of Hertford Town.

As a designer, my goal is to help new entrepreneurs set up their dreams with a strong brand, website and printed materials. I know...it’s not easy starting a business and keeping up with life at the same time, so I’m here to cheer my clients during their journey too! -
I want the visual identities I create to be a mirror to my clients, they must see themselves and their passion in the work I create - that’s what makes it all worth it! 
Although I’ve always been focused on branding I have recently decided to explore something a little out of my comfort zone and try my design skills in home decor. An extention of Print Tailors will be launching soon - @hometailorsandco where I am planning to create bespoke decor items such as cushions and prints. Fingers crossed a new exciting venture!